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Why do you waste your valuable money?.start saving right now.24x7 hours supporting team, professionally qualified engineering designers, provide you an IEEE format project report, and so many more..whenever you need an electronics solution you never think more than hypsine. Its an entire solution for your electronics world. Be an engineer and power your world.

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Project Training and Consulting

Hypsine is a Startup firm who focused to help students to build innovative eletronic projetcs

  • Helping to do projects by yourself
  • Traning you to become a master in electronics

Hypsine focuses in transferring one's knowledge to practically solve problems and provide solutions than just understanding the concepts. To be more precise we do Knowledge Process Outsourcing, next step to mere training. An in-depth approach which makes you a Technology-hero who can open the doors to the magical world of opportunities. power your world.

We at hypsine have the expertise to develop a complete out of the box embedded system that involves architectural system design and analysis, circuit board design, embedded software design, PIC,MICRO CONTROLLER embedded networking and Communications. We keep our skills sharp by being early adopters of new initiatives and through ongoing training programs.

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Hypsine help us to do our main project.They are talented and experienced.

Ravi Kumar, RIT Attingal

Thanks hypsine for your support

Ashok Kumar, Cusat ,Cochin


Ragav Kumar

Brilliant Team

Hindu Kumar

Why Project is Important?

The art of electronics is the art of transforming a thought or idea in to concrete reality by designing and making it. Building on the knowledge, experience, and work of others makes transforming that idea to a real electronics project easier. Read more.

Mission & Vision

Spread the knowledge of electronics all around the world. We valued your money and time. One of our visions for this next-generation technology is to have embedded devices in the electronics. We are making it a common size to electronics.

Why us?

Your project work plays a great role in and after your engineering life. Not only the marks that you get from your project work but also it will help you understand the essence of what all you have learned throughout your engineering.

Why Academic Projects are Important!

You will launch many projects, but have time to finish only a few. So think, plan, develop, launch and tap good people to be responsible. Give them authority and hold them accountable. Trying to do too much yourself creates a bottleneck. Hypsine provide the better platform for your project.