16×2 Character LCD STN -White on Blue

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Price : Rs. 210/- (Tax excl.)
Part No: DIS-1152
Weight: 0.05Kg

16x2 Character LCD STN -White on Blue

Description: This is a basic 16 character by 2 line Alphanumeric display. White text on Blue background. Utilizes the extremely common HD44780 parallel interface chipset . Interface code is freely available. You will need Minimum 6 general I/O pins to interface to this LCD screen. Includes LED backlight. Works in 4bit and 8 bit Mode.


  • 16 Characters x 2 Lines
  • Blue Backlight
  • 5×7 Dot Matrix Character + Cursor
  • HD44780 Equivalent LCD Controller/driver Built-In
  • 4-bit or 8-bit MPU Interface
  • Standard Type
  • Works with almost any Microcontrollerhypsine electronics documents help point:


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