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GAGAN (GPS aided geo augmented navigation)

22 September 2013 - Seminars - Hypsine Electronics - No Comments

AGAN also known as GPS aided geo augmented navigation or GPS and geo-augmented navigation system is a regional GPS navigational system developed by India.It was launched for test by ISRO in assosciation with Raytheon and Airport Authority of India in 2011-12.It shows an accuracy of 1.5-meter in the horizontal,2.5-meter in the vertical.GAGAN is planned to […]

Reactive Power Consumption in Transmission Line

20 August 2013 - Seminars - Hypsine Electronics - No Comments

During the past two decades, the increase in electrical energy demand has presented higher requirements from the power industry. More power plants, substations, and transmission lines need to be constructed. However, the most commonly used devices in present power grid are the mechanically-controlled circuit breakers. The long switching periods and discrete operation make them difficult […]

Optimal distributed generation sizing for microgrids

20 August 2013 - Seminars - Hypsine Electronics - No Comments

Hybrid optimization model for electric renewables (HOMER), developed by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), enables economic analysis for single source and hybrid distributed energy resources (DERs). However, current version of HOMER does not support microgrid analysis. In this paper, economic analyzer for distributed energy resources (EADER) is developed. It finds minimum cost of energy (COE) […]

Solid Electrolyte Dye-Sensitised Solar Cells

23 April 2013 - Seminars - zarankumar - No Comments

Dye-sensitized photoelectrochemical cells have established themselves as the most promising low-cost alternative for the photovoltaic conversion of solar energy. Briefly, this device is composed of three adjacent thin layers sandwiched between two transparent conductive oxide (TCO) electrodes: a high band-gap nanocrystalline semiconductor coated with a dye sensitizer for absorption in the visible region, a platinized […]