Four-band GSM/GPRS with Embedded TCP/IP-UB603

24 July 2014 - GSM/GPRS Modules, Hypsine Tutorial Point - Hypsine Electronics - No Comments

Price : Rs. 4,658/- (Tax excl.)
Part No: GSM-1797
Weight: 0.05Kg
Made by: LinkSprite

Description: The UB603 is a Quad-Band GSM/GPRS compact plug-in module.Featuring an industry-standard interface, the UB603 is designed for high-volume applications based on voice, SMS and data at low power consumption.The leading features of UB603 make it ideal for virtually unlimited applications, such as Fixed Wireless Phone, Fixed Wireless Terminal and M2M applications, handsets, etc.


  • Quad- band GSM/GPRS module with a small size of 40x33x3.0mm
  • Customized MMI and keypad/LCD support
  • An embedded powerful TCP/IP protocol stack
  • Based upon mature and field-proven platform

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