GPS Dongle with Antenna

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Part No: GPS-2103
Weight: 0.04Kg
Made by: rhydoLABZ

GPS Dongle with Antenna

Description: It is a high gain GPS Receiver in USB dongle format, made with ultra small High gain third generation POT (Patch Antenna On Top) . Yes, there is no prior configurations required , just insert in to USB socket of Laptop  , your data (NMEA 0183) is available to receive using any terminal program (Hyper terminal/ Real term ect) !.  This is a stand alone GPS Module and requires no external components and Power . Power is taken from USB port itself. It has a very compact and easy to integrate design with the ultimate tracking performances. It is also ideal for those who wishes to plug-and-play GPS receiver module into their small form factor design.

With the use high gain GPS engine providing a solution that high position and speed accuracy performances as well as high sensitivity and tracking capabilities in urban conditions & provides standard NMEA0183 strings in “raw” mode for any microcontroller. The module provides current time, date, latitude, longitude, speed, altitude and travel direction / heading among other data, and can be used in a host of applications, including navigation, tracking systems, fleet management,mapping and robotics.

The GPS chipsets inside the module are designed by MediaTek Inc.,which is the world’s leading digital media solution provider and largest fab-less IC company in Taiwan. The module can support up to 66 channels. The GPS solution enables small form factor devices. They deliver major advancements in GPS performances, accuracy, integration, computing power and flexibility. They are designed to simplify the embedded system integration process.

GPS Dongle Features:

  • MediaTek MT3329 Chipset, L1 Frequency, C/A code, 66 Channels
  • USB Dongle
  • Data output Baud rate: 9600 bps(Default)
  • Standard NMEA0183 output format
  • High Sensitivity, -165 dBm, TCXO Design , superior urban performances
  • Position Accuracy: <3.0M 2D-RMS
  • Multi-path Compensation ; E-GSM-900 Band Rejection
  • Cold Start is Under 36 seconds (Typical)
  • Warm Start is Under 34 seconds (Typical)
  • Hot Start is Under 1 second (Typical)
  • Max. Update Rate : 10Hz (Default: 1 Hz)

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