SM5100B Four Bands GPRS DTU Version

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SM5100B Four Bands GPRS DTU Version

Description : The SM5100B GPRS-DTU supports both original SM5100B’s AT command and DTU mode.

In DTU mode, it has the following features:

  • Integrated TCP/IP Stack : The module has integrated TCP/IP Stack. Users can treat the GPRS-DTU as a transparent serial port without the knowledge of TCP/IP stack.
  • Bi-directional Serial port to TCP/IP transparent data communication : This GPRS-DTU can do transparent bi-directional serial port data to TCP/IP packet bridging. In another words, the GPRS-DTU will pack the raw data from serial port to TCP/IP packets without the need to change the original data, and the receiving host side software can restore the TCP/IP packets to the raw serial port data. So this GPRS-DTU can be used with the devices that using serial port with any modification to the devices.
  • Support heart beat to keep always online: The mobile network will disconnect GPRS-DTU from the host when there is extended time of quiet. Heart beat mode is to keep GPRS-DTU always connected to host by periodically sending small packets.
  • Support configurations of parameters and saved to flash:User can use the configuration protocol to send commands to GPRS-DTU to configure the GPRS-DTU. Once configured, the parameters are saved to flash, and no need for further configuration when power cycled.

Difference between Spectrum SM5100B four band GSM/GPRS Modem Module and SM5100B Four Bands GPRS DTU Version

  • SM5100B four band GSM/GPRS Modem Module only supports AT commands. Host uses AT commands to dial a number, send SMS, and GPRS connection.
  • SM5100B Four Bands GPRS DTU Version supports both AT commanads mode and DTU mode. In DTU mode, the user can configure the remote host IP address, port etc. After that, host can treat the DTU module as a normal serial port, and all raw data sent to serial port will appear at the remote  host side without any extra work.


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