Switching Regulator

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L296 is a high current switching regulator that can provide up to 4 ampere current and its output voltage range is from 5.1v to 50v. For more information concern its datasheet.
Power supply current can be adjust by changing the value of P1 pot. P2 and P3 pots are used to vary the output voltage. C7-C10 capacitors are used for input voltage filtering whereas C2-C6 are for output voltage filtering purpose.
Output voltage can be taken across X1-1 and X1-2 terminals or either X1-2 and X1-3 terminals. Note that the maximum input voltage of L296 is 50v so we have to step down ac voltage by using 50v 4amp or appropriate transformer. Don’t forget to use heat sink for L296.
Final Assembly:

Components Required:
R1,R3,       10kΩ  Resistor
R2,            15kΩ  Resistor
R4,            3.2kΩ Resistor
R5(R6),     0.1Ω 5watt Resistor
P1-P2,      100kΩ  Pot
P3,            2k Pot
IC1,          L296
D1,           Byw29
D2,           6.8v Zener Diode
B3,           Bridge 5amp or higher
C1,           1.5nF Ceramic Capacitor
C2,           2.2uF/50v Electrolyte Capacitor
C3-C6,     220uF/50v Electrolyte Capacitor
C7-C10,   1000uF/100v Electrolyte Capacitor
C11,          33nF Ceramic Capacitor
C12,          390pF Ceramic Capacitor
C13,          10uF/50v Electrolyte Capacitor
C14,          100nF Ceramic Capacitor
L7,             SFT1240 inductor
Q1,            BC637
mics,          Heat Sink for L296 (optional for bridge rectifier)
2-way terminal for input voltage
3-way terminal for output voltage

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