UltraSonic Distance Sensor ( Serial Ascii O/p)

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Price : Rs. 912/- (Tax excl.)
Part No: SEN-1155
Weight: 0.04Kg
Made by: RHYDO

UltraSonic Distance Sensor ( Serial Ascii O/p)

Rhydolabz’s “ECHO” Ultrasonic Distance Sensor with ASCII serial O/P is an amazing product that provides very short  to long-range detection and ranging. The sensor provides precise,Stable non-contact distance measurements from about 2cm to 4 meters with very high accuracy. Its compact size, higher range and easy usability make it a handy sensor for distance measurement and mapping. The board can easily be interfaced to microcontrollers RX pin ( USART)  . At every 50ms sensor transmits an ultrasonic burst and send out ASCII value of distance that corresponds to the time required for the burst echo to return to the sensor.

This sensor is perfect for any number of applications that require you to perform measurements between moving or stationary objects. Naturally, robotics applications are very popular but you’ll also find this product to be useful in security systems or as an infrared replacement if so desired. Since it is very stable ,the “ECHO” Ultrasonic sensor module can be used for Micromouse application instead of IR sensor.

“ECHO” Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Features
• Professional EMI/RFI Complaint PCB Layout Design for Noise Reduction
• Range: 2 cm to 4 m
• Accurate and Stable range data
• Data loss in Error zone eliminated
• Modulation at 40 KHz
• Mounting holes provided on the circuit board
• Automatically Triggered at every 50 ms
• 5V DC Supply voltage
• Current – <20mA
• ASCII output format
• On Board Burst LED Indicatorshows measurement in progress
• 3-pin header makes it easy to connect using a servo extension cable, no soldering required

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